The Duifkens, an old-style café in Antwerp Belgium


De Duifkens is a authentic Antwerp pub that has been around for a few centuries now. People came here long before Rubens was born. Today it is a no-frills cafe suited for all occasions. In winter, it can be very crowded, as the café is too small to fit all its fans at the same time. When it’s cold outside, you’ll need to come early to guarantee yourself a seat in this cosy café with a dark wooden interior and low ceilings. In summertime, the terrace provides much needed extra space. 

Like in many Antwerp pubs, there’s no service at the Duifkens. You’ll have to go to the bar to order. You’ll notice that many people order the traditional Antwerp beer, a bolleke Koninck, but there are many other beers on tap. If you crave a snack after a few beers, you can order smoked sausage.

The Duifkens is known to be a favorite hang-out of many Flemish and Dutch celebs. This makes sense, as it is close to theaters in Antwerp. As a tourist, you probably won’t recognize any celebrities, but if you do: there’s an unwritten rule that says you have to let them be. They are just regular people after all. 

P.S.: The ‘house’ cat’s name Dalida and she’s very friendly. Feel free to cuddle.


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