Cocktails from Cocktails at Nine

Cocktails at Nine

Antwerp has a few places where you can order a decent cocktail. One of my absolute favorite cocktail places is Cocktails at Nine. It’s a cocktail bar in the historical center of town with a very classy and relaxed atmosphere. It’s not so much a bar, but much more a cocktail lounge, with wide leather seats.

The cocktails are fabulous and the service is great. The outfits of the waiters and bartender bring you back to the roaring sixties, which adds to the elegance of the place.

Cocktails at Nine uses premium ingredients and handles every cocktail with care. So expect to pay for quality and don’t go if you rushed. When the bar is crowded, it might take some time for your cocktail to arrive.

This bar is not suited for big groups and I would recommend not to go in your everyday shorts, as you might easily feel under-dressed.


Price range of cocktails: 11 to 16 euro
Lijnwaadmarkt 9

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