Two-day itinerary for visiting Antwerp

So you are spending 2 days in Antwerp? Here is the perfect two-day itinerary that helps you fill in your days in the city. The itinerary focuses on all the must-sees and passes by lesser-known spots.

For day one, I refer to my one-day itinerary

Day 2:

Bird market or exotic Market

Are you staying in Antwerp on a Saturday or Sunday? Start the day by visiting the bird or exotic market. Mingle with locals while enjoying the authentic vibes of a local market that’s been around for decades. 


Afterwards, take a stroll through the “Stadspark”, the green lung in the heart of the city. Relax on a bench near the ponds. Watch the birds or the locals on their morning run. Notice the families strolling through the park on the way to one of the playgrounds. As of 10AM, you can enjoy a morning coffee at Grand Café Capital. 

Stadspark in autumn

Jewish quarter

Exit the park on the east side of the Lange Kievitstraat. You just entered the Jewish quarter of Antwerp, the 4th biggest (Haredi) in the world. They estimate there are about 20.000 jews in Antwerp. The majority of residents identifying themselves as Jewish belong to traditional or Orthodox communities, although levels of religious practice vary. This neighbourhood is “asleep” on a Saturday due to Shabbat, but it’s very vibrant on other days. Fancy an authentic kosher lunch? Hop in at Hoffy’s, where everybody is welcome to eat. Continue through the van Immerseelstraat and the Baron Joostenstraat past the Romi Goldmuntz synagogue. 

Zurenborg quarter

Move onwards to Dageraadplaats, a cosy square in the Zurenborg neighbourhood. It’s the ideal place for a lunch break. From classic Belgian kitchen in Strand van Oostende or Campanille to world kitchen in Pici, Mays or Tranquilo. I can honestly say I’ve eaten in all these restaurants many times (I live close by), and they are all solid choices! I wrote a blog about dining at Dageraadplaats; some restaurants are also open for lunch. 

Continue onwards to the famous Cogels-Osylei, known for its extraordinary art-nouveau buildings.

Pass from Zurenborg to the Groen Kwartier site. Admire the beautifully renovated Military Hospital and the check out PAKT, a unique culinary hotspot in Antwerp. If you want to have a simple lunch here, I recommend Racine and Broodnatie. 

Brewery De Koninck

From Pakt, it’s only a short walk to the Brewery De Koninck. At the brewery, I recommend following the interactive brewery tour that explains the beermaking process and what’s unique about the brewery. Entry is only € 12 and includes 2 beer tastings. Besides the tour there is lot’s to see at the brewery. Check out this article on why you should definitely visit the De Koninck site.

“Het Zuid”

The perfect place to end your day is the South Quarter. It’s a 2km walk (through a residential area) from the brewery, so you may want to consider taking a cab or a tram. IN the South quarter, there are many things worth mentioning. Stroll through Nationale Straat. Have a drink in one of the many popular bars (Hotspots for bars include Marnixplaats and Leopold de Waelplaats). Visit one of the many museums and art galleries. Here, you can find MUHKA, the museum of modern art, FOMU, the photo museum, and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp. This last museum has been closed for more than 10 years but is expected to reopen in 2022! 

I quickly made a Google route for you:

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