St. Anna Tunnel

The St. Anna Tunnel is a fascinating cylindrical pedestrian tunnel under the Scheldt in the city of Antwerp.

The pedestrian tunnel

The pedestrian tunnel connects the city’s left and right banks of the river Scheldt, in other words the older with the newer Antwerp. It was opened in 1933. It is 572 meters long and lies 31.57 meters underground.

Credit: @antwerpexplorer

Wooden escalators

There are two ways to acces the underground tunnel: via an elevator that can hold 40 people or 3000 kg or via the authentic wooden escalators. These escalators were a real novelty at the time. On the left bank the acces building is at Frederik van Eedenplein. On the right bank, the entrance is located at Sint-Jansvliet. Both access buildings are designed by Emiel Van Averbeke.

Credit: @antwerpexplorer

Skyline of Antwerp

The tunnel is still very much in use by people who need to get from one bank to the other. As a tourist, it also definitely pays to cross the river to the left bank using the tunnel. On the left bank, you’ll be awarded with the beautiful Antwerp skyline. And in summer, the tunnel is actually nice and cool. So if it’s hot, be sure to check it out!

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