Antwerp Port House

The skyline of northern Antwerp has a new landmark: the superstructure of the new Port House designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid

Former fire brigade transforms into modern Antwerp Port House

The Port House combines a new beam-shaped structure and a former fire brigade building into a new headquarter building for the Port Authority. It was built as a solution to the lack of space in the former Port House. Now, the administrative and technical services are centralized which promotes cooperation between the various departments.

The Port House is the workplace of 500 employees of the Port Authority. It also functions as a meeting place for many international contacts of the Antwerp port community. The new building symbolizes the dynamic, reliable, ambitious and innovative character of the port of Antwerp.

1.500 tons of steel & 450 triangular glass frames

The concept is a free interpretation of a beam-shaped volume on top of the barracks. It rests on 3 pillars containing stairs and elevators. The facade of the beam-shaped volume is composed of glass. It contains 450 triangular glass frames. The cleaning bill for the glass facade is approximately 25.000 euros on an annual basis.

The project is strategically located between city and harbor. It offers magnificent views over both the center and the port.

Visit the Antwerp Port House with a guide

The outside of the Port House is impressive, but the inside will certainly astonish you too. Enjoy dazzling panoramic views, gaze at the Antwerp skyline and behold the beauty of the interior architecture.

You can visit the Port House with a guide on Tuesdays (10 euros per person). The guide will tell you everything you need to know about the design of the building. He or she will also give you some interesting background information on the port activities, from the early Middle Ages until now.

Unfortunately the tours for individuals on Tuesday are only offered in Dutch.  However,  you can book a private tour in Dutch, French, English or German. The price is 75 euros per group of maximum 20 participants.

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