Cathedral of our Lady

Cathedral of Our Lady

The Cathedral of Antwerp is an enormous gothic work of art. The outside architecture is impressive to say the least, but it is a good idea to visit the inside as well.

Wooden Escalators

St. Anna Tunnel

The Sint-Anna Tunnel is a fascinating cylindrical pedestrian tunnel under the Scheldt in the city of Antwerp. As a tourist, it adefinitely pays to cross the river to the left bank using the tunnel.



Be sure to head to the Steen when you visit Antwerp. You’ll feel like a knight or a lady in the castle setting. It’s the perfect background for a fairy-tale photo.


Antwerp Port House

The skyline of northern Antwerp has a new landmark: the superstructure of the new Port House designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid Architects.

The Red Star Line Building in Antwerp

Red Star Line Museum

The main focus of the Red Star Line Museum is the travel stories that could be retrieved through relatives of the some two million passengers that travelled to the United States and Canada on board the Red Star Line between 1873 and 1934.