Getting around in Antwerp

Coming to Antwerp

By Plain

Brussels Airport is the main airport for international arrivals. From Brussels Airport, Antwerp can be reached by train and by bus. Trains from Brussels Airport to Antwerp run every half our from 6:00 am to 23:30 pm. The journey to Antwerp takes a little over 30 minutes. A one-way ticket costs about € 12. There’s also a bus service to Antwerp. The journey takes about 45 minutes, depending on traffic. Buses leave every hour. A ticket is € 10 for one-way.

By Train

Many train go to Antwerp. If you get off at Antwerp-Central, you’ll walk right into the center of Antwerp. There is a multitude of hotels in the area of the station.

Moving around

Tram & Bus

Buses and trams are a convenient to move around in the city. Buying ticket before you get on is recommended, as it can save you money. You can buy tickets at ticket machines (in the subway), at presale points like supermarkets or in shops of De Lijn. The driver of the bus or trams also sells tickets.  If you intend to take the tram or bus only a couple of times during your stay, you can purchase a single ticket every time. A single ticket (€ 3) is valid for one single journey (60min max), with a transfer. If you’d like travel more frequent and save money, you can consider buying a Lijn card. A line card is €14 and allows 10 one way trips. If you are looking to take the trams and buses more frequently, a day pass for 1, 3 or 5 days could be a good option. With a day pass you have unlimited travel for one or more days on the De Lijn buses and trams. In presale, a day pas costs € 6. The driver will charge you € 8 for it.
Photo by Orlando Jousset on Unsplash

By Bike

Antwerp has a very extensive bicycle sharing system called Velo Antwerpen. You’ll notice Velo stations everywhere you go between the Singel and the river Scheldt, as well as on Linkeroever. To be able to use the public bikes, you need to register on the website of Velo Antwerpen with a creditcard. Bear in mind that a deposit of € 150 will be blocked on your credit card. Also keep in mind that they are intended for short trips of a maximum of 30 minutes, as a means to go from one point to another and then park the bike back in a another Velo station. If you are looking for bikes that you can keep for multiple hours, I would recommend the service that is located at Steenplein. You can rent bikes there without the requirement of registering online. There are also multiple organisations that organize bike trips. One of them that worth mentioning is Antwerp by Bike.