Sinksenfoor: Antwerp’s exciting funfair

150 attractions for all

The Sinksenfoor is an annual funfair in Antwerp. With more than 150 attractions, it is one of the largest funfairs in Belgium. Pentecost (Sinksen in Dutch) is traditionally the first day of the fair. It goes on for 6 weeks.

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Short history of the Sinksenfoor

The Sinksenfoor grew out of the Antwerp fair, which took place around Pentecost from the 13th century onwards. Originally, it was held at the market place around the St. Walburga Church. When this site was destroyed with the rectification of the right bank of the Scheldt and the reconstruction of the quays in 1875, the fair moved to the Leien. When the Leien had to deal with more and more traffic in the sixties, the fair was relocated again in 1969. Since 2015 the fair is held at Rail East after complaints from inhabitants. They claimed the Sinksenfoor caused too much noise in the residential area called The South.

In 2020 the funfair takes place from May 30 to July 5. It is certainly worth a visit, even if it just to stroll and eat waffles or escargots.

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The Sinksenfoor can be reached using public transportation: trams 2, 3, 5, 6, 12 and bus 413 have stops nearby.

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