6 Antwerp summer events to look forward to

Antwerp comes alive during summer with vibrant events that capture the city’s spirit. From beer festivals to lively markets and exquisite performances, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In this article, you’ll find six events that should be on your radar, offering a taste of Antwerp’s rich culture and lively atmosphere.

#1 Beerpassion Weekend

Get ready to indulge in the 22nd edition of the Beerpassion Weekend on June 23, 24 & 25, 2023. This event transforms Antwerp’s Groenplaats into a paradise for beer enthusiasts. Sample over 200 unique beers from about 30 breweries, explore antique bars and embrace the beer culture of Antwerp. With free admission and affordable tasting packages, this weekend promises discovery and enjoyment for beer enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

#2 Linkerwoofer

Join the locals at Linkerwoofer, the annual summer festival held on Antwerp’s left bank! Set across two days, Linkerwoofer brings together an impressive roster of performers from Belgium and beyond. The 2023 edition features renowned acts such as The Kreuners, Compact Disk Dummies, Ruben Block, Clement Peerens Explosition, Tourist LeMC, and more. While primarily an event for the locals, tourists visiting the city can also enjoy the atmosphere and discover the thriving music scene of Antwerp.

#3 Bollekesfeest

The Bollekesfeest is an annual free city festival with captivating musical performances and tasty treats in the city center of Antwerp. From August 18 to 20, you can experience concerts and DJ sets, try regional products at Groenplaats, and indulge in the vibrant fish and shellfish market at Steenplein. Embracing sustainability, the Bollekesfeest utilizes reusable cups, recyclable materials, and waste sorting practices. Additionally, convenient reloadable cards are available for hassle-free payments throughout the event.

#4 Rubensmarkt on August 15th!

Experience the enchanting Rubensmarkt in the heart of Antwerp’s city center on Monday, August 15th. This traditional market takes visitors on a journey back to the era of the renowned baroque artist Rubens as nearly two hundred market vendors dressed in stunning historical costumes offer products closely linked to Antwerp’s glorious past. The Rubensmarkt is held yearly in the area round Grote Markt, Kaasrui, Suikerrui, Ernest Van Dijckkaai, and Plantinkaai. Sometimes, there is also an antique and flea market on Sint-Jansvliet for those seeking unique treasures.


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#5 Royal Deluxe Giants

Please mark your calendar for August 25th-27th when the world-famous Royal de Luxe brings their giants back to Antwerp. Royal Deluxe is the renowned street theater group from Nantes that makes street theater with giant mechanical marionettes. Antwerp has a long-standing partnership with Royal de Luxe, and they are ready to amaze again this summer. Their performances have left a lasting impression, from the Grand and Small Giants in 1998 to the Elephant and Little Giant in 2006.

#6 Carillon concerts

Traditionally, in summer, the Antwerp cathedral holds a carillon concert every Monday evening from 8 to 9 pm, which can be heard in the area of the cathedral. The carillonneurs of the city play all sorts of old and modern music. It can attract big crowds, so expect bars near the cathedral to be crowded.

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