Dining at Dageraadplaats (Zurenborg)

Dageraadplaats is a big square in the Zurenborg neighbourhood. It hosts about 20 bars and restaurants. The wide variety of establishment attracts a mixed audience. Ranging from alternative artists to young parents to businessmen and students. Dageraadplaats offers something for everyone. The street plan and the atmosphere make it a unique spot in Antwerp. Therefore, the popularity of the neighbourhood has reached new heights.

Three restaurants on Dageraadplaats highlighted

Dining at Dageraadplaats means first having to choose between many different styles of food. To help you narrow down your choices, let me highlight three restaurants to consider.

#1 Pici

A Plate of meatballpasta at restaurant Primo

Pici is an Italian restaurant that specializes in simple yet tasty pasta. Don’t expect a fancy plate but good honest food. Suggestions change regularly.

Pici caters to people wanting a quick bite and people looking to wine and dine. For the latter, they offer many appetizers, entrees and a few dessert choices. The interior is serene white.

In summer, you can enjoy your meal on a cosy outside terrace. Beware, tables on the patio are placed very close to each other. You might want to get a seat somewhere at the edge. Otherwise, you might listen in on the conversation to the right and left of you.

Waiters are friendly but sometimes somewhat forgetful. Price-wise the restaurant is very affordable, although some items on the menu are priced too high. However, Pici is a solid choice for excellent and budget-friendly Italian food.

Dageraadplaats 13

#2 May’s:¬†French & Thai restaurant

May’s is named after their Thai cook who prepares both Belgian and Asian food. As far as I’m concerned, the Thai options are plentiful. I’ve tried one of the suggestions on two occasions, and they have not let me down. Service also met expectations.

On sunshiny days May’s is also a good option for a drink before or after diner. They have a big outside terrace that’s oriented perfect for enjoying the evening sun. By the way, you can also have breakfast and lunch at May’s. It opens every day at 10 am.

Dageraadplaats 11

#3 Ardent

A dish of crab in garlicbutter with toast served at restaurant Ardent

Ardent is one of the more fancy restaurants at Dageraadplaats. Ardent means passionate. The word absolutely describes their chef’s cooking. The chef surprises with refined French-Belgian cuisine and respect for local seasonal products.

At Ardent, you have the choice between a 4-,5- or 6-course meal or ordering a la carte. Typically restaurants demand that the whole table orders the same menu. However, at Ardent, they didn’t mind when I ordered an entree and a main platter, while my partner had a 4-course menu.

This restaurant offers a lovely gastronomic experience with attention to detail. The crab I had, was phenomenal, both in taste and portion size. The wine choices are excellent as well. The service is friendly and casual.
Price-wise this restaurant is in a higher class (dinner for two was about 200 euro). Still, it is undoubtedly worth it, as the restaurant is surely deemed to receive a Michelin star soon.

Dageraadplaats 3

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