Lifeisart, a prefect place for breakfast in Antwerp


Lifeisart is a charming small restaurant at Sint-Jorispoort 2. It has a lovely terrace in front of the old shopfronts, but the inside is very cosy too. The interior feels Scandinavian with white tables (that are covered with with Italian style checkered tablecloths), white chairs and a black stone floor. One of the interior walls features dozens of mirrors and the there’s art everywhere.

Food is simple, generous and very affordable. Lifeisart is great for dinner, but they also serve a fantastic small breakfast for € 10 that consists of bread, pistolets, eggs, bacon, bread, sweet bread toppings and coffee. For an additional €14 they’ll add some great stuff to go with your pistolets, like cheese or ham.

Life is art has an extremely friendly staff and a lovely owner, who works at the restaurant as well.

Combine this with a visit to Exotic Market, as Theaterplein is within walking distance.


Sint-Jorispoort 2

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