Nuts and dried fruit at exotic market in Antwerp

Exotic market

Saturday market in Antwerp: row upon row of fruits, veggies, olives and treats

While many tourist visit the ‘Bird Market‘ (Vogelenmarkt) on Sunday, I prefer hanging out at the Saturday market that’s held at the exact same location. It is called the Exotic market because it’s the place where you’ll buy exotic fruit and vegetables but also foreign specialties. (Mostly Marroccan and Turkish, but also Italian and Greek for example.) This is where locals will go to buy food or flowers, but also where they will hang out on Saturday afternoon with friends and have a snack or a drink.

Nuts and dried fruit at exotic market in Antwerp

A great display of multiculturalism in the city center and a lovely place to eat wonderful street food

My friends and I meet regularly at the market. Our favorite stand sells home-made croquettes. The Belgian classics are those with shrimp or cheese, but the other varieties are well worth considering too. You’ll find the stand at the corner of Theaterplein and Arenbergstraat and you’ll recognize it by the large crowd eating a croquette or waiting to order one. When you order, you’ll get a number that called out once your order is ready. If you are on a tight schedule, be sure to ask how long the wait is before ordering. Although it doesn’t occur often, sometimes their is a 15 min wait.

In any case, do not forget to bring your appetite to the exotic market, because you’ll find oysters, fried fish part (called kibbeling), vietnamese spring rolls, waffles, and much more.

girls eating croquettes at theaterplein


Oudevaartplaats & Theaterplein

Opening Hours

Every Saturday from 8:00 until 16:00

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