Vol-au-vent – Where to eat this classic Belgian dish

My absolute favorite dish?

What is vol-au-vent?

What is vol-au-vent? Well, that depends on where your order it. In Belgium, it’s a round puff pastry that’s filled with a combination of chicken, mushrooms and meatballs. It also goes by the name “vidée”. Typically, restaurants serve it with fries or mashed potatoes.

A plate of vol-au-vent served at De Pelgrim in Antwerp

You can order vol-au-vent or vidée in many Belgian restaurants or bistros. But flavor, quality and ingredients differ. As an absolute vol-au-vent-lover, it’s my duty to help you find the best place to eat vol-au-vent when visiting Antwerp.

# 1 De 7 Schaken: traditional vol-au-vent

7 Schaken is a cosy restaurant located near Antwerp’s city hall, known for its Flemish and Belgian specialities. The restaurant offers classic dishes such as vol-au-vent, beef stew, balls in tomato sauce, and shrimp croquettes. It’s an excellent choice for bringing friends or international visitors to discover Flemish cuisine. The service is friendly and pleasant. The interior has a “brown bar” decor, which perfectly suits the Flemish atmosphere of the restaurant.

The vol-au-vent is made in the traditional style, and it is accompanied by delicious fries with fresh mayonnaise. The restaurant offers excellent value for money and is definitely worth a visit.

Location: Braderijstraat 24, 2000 Antwerpen
Website: de7schaken.be

# 2 De Pelgrim: vol-au-vent with Triple d’Anvers

The chefs at De Pelgrim guarantee super delicious and typical Flemish food. One of their best dishes is the vol-au-vent made with Triple d’Anvers, a triple beer from Antwerp. It is brewed at De Koninck, the brewery right across the street from De Pelgrim.

The vol-au-vent tastes super-fresh, with big chunks of chicken and delicious meatballs. The chef serves it with French fries and salad. But feel free to replace those fries with croquets.

When the weather is right, find a table on the sunny terrace.

Location: Boomgaardstraat 6-10, 2600 Berchem
Website: brasseriedepelgrim.be

# 3 Bizzie Lizzie: Classic – without twists

Bizzie Lizzie is a typical Belgian brasserie that likes to spoil you with traditional Belgian and French dishes. They have 4 rooms which are all decorated differently. At Bizzie Lizzie, you choose the atmosphere in which you prefer to eat.

Their vol-au-vent is a classical one without add-ons or modern interpretations. It contains big chunks of tasty chicken, well-seasoned meatballs and mushrooms.

Location: Vlaamsekaai 16, 2000 Antwerpen
Website: bizielizie.be

Did you have an awesome vol-au-vent elsewhere in Antwerp? Let me know in the comments below. I’d be happy to check it out!

Vol-au-vent as served at Bizzie Lizzie

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