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Three lobster deals in Antwerp you cannot walk away from

Eating lobster on a budget in Antwerp

I absolutely adore seafood. Shrimp are my favorite snack from the sea, but I wouldn’t say no to lobster either. Let me get you in on a little secret. Fine dining and eating lobster shouldn’t be all that expensive in Antwerp. You just have to know where to eat. And when. Luckily I’ve done research! I dare you to find better deals than the ones listed below. And if you do, please let me know in the comments.

The three best places for eating lobster in Antwerp

Petra eating lobster in Antwerp at fish and eat

#1 Fish and Eat

Enjoy an incredible lobster menu on any given Thursday

Fish and Eat must be one of the best seafood restaurants in Antwerp. It is a small cozy restaurant located in one of the most beautiful and lively areas of Antwerp: Het Zuid. It’s the men behind the popular Meat and Eat (Marnixplaats 1) who own the it.

The Fish and Eat chefs prepare fresh fish & seafood with a mediterranean twist. Things like codfish with mashed potatoes and asparagus, sea bass ravioli or fish and chips. Of course, they also serve seafood platters and lobster.

On Thursday, lobster-lovers are welcome to enjoy the lobster menu. For the price of 27.5 euro per person, two people can enjoy a lobster each. It comes with side dishes, marinades and one bottle of wine. The friendly service is free.

Make reservations, because the word is out now.

Fish and Eat, Volkstraat 65, 2000 Antwerpen
Website Fish and Eat

#2 Chez Rini

All you can eat lobster

I’ve been to Chez Rini on a couple of occasions. But I wouldn’t put this restaurant very high up on my ‘best seafood restaurant list’. It’s a decent restaurant, but it’s not exceptional. However, I would book again for their all you can eat lobster deal. Every last Thursday of the month, you eat as much lobster as you can handle at Chez Rini. For only 42.5 euro per person.

What to expect? Without even having to ask, they’ll serve half a lobster. When you’ve finished, they’ll serve another. And this 4 times in a row. Each half lobster will be prepared differently. But they stick to the classics like belle-vue and garlic sauce. After you’ve tried them all, you can order again, and again, and again. Until you can eat no more.

The lobster deal is 42.5 euro. Because you’ll probably have wine and water with your meal, you’ll pay over 55 euro per person in total. It’s not the cheapest meal ever. But you will have eaten all the lobster you can eat. I repeat: all the lobster you can eat.

Chez Rini, Oude Leeuwenrui 56, 2000 Antwerpen
Website Chez Rini

Classic lobster at Chez Rini in Antwerp

#3 Savage

Enjoying Canadian Lobster (Roll) in the city center

Canadian lobster is the star of the menu at Savage, but meat lovers will also appreciate what Savage has to offer. Dry-aged beef burger patties, for example. Or a burger made with prime quality Kobe beef imported straight from Japan.

Poutine at Restaurant Savage in Antwerp Hotdog plate at Savage

Specializing in lobsters and serving meat dishes at the same time might seem odd. However, their is an audience for the concept. Me and my partner, for example. My partner prefers a good old burger to seafood on any day, so this restaurant has something for the both of us.

Although the lobster is not the cheapest in town (35 euro), some of their other dishes are sharply priced. This makes Savage a good option if not everyone in your company is ready to splurge. For those lobster fans, there’s also a more budget-friendly lobster alternative: the lobster roll. It’s a grilled brioche bun filled with lobster meat. The lobster is marinated lightly in mayonnaise and lemon juice and the bun is served with a sprinkling of chives (25 euro). How great does that sound?!

PS: I had my lobster with a side of poutine. It took me right back to my amazing Canada-trip.

Savage, Kaasstraat 3-5, 2000 Antwerp

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