Worldly kitchen in Antwerp

The multicultural city of Antwerp has some excellent worldly restaurants. Check out the best exotic restaurants in Antwerp.

Best Italian restaurant: Ristorante Bianconero

There are some fantastic Italian restaurants in Antwerp. I have to say that an experience at Bianconero is a real Italian feast in an authentic Italian atmosphere. The small restaurant does not appear much on blogs, and I hope It stays like that. At Bianconero, you’ll find classic Italian food (no pizzas). The menu features fresh pasta, amazing pesce (fish dishes) and carne (meat dishes), and delicious dolce’s (dessert). Making a reservation is recommended!

Kronenburgstraat 35

Best Mexican restaurant: Tropicos

The Mexican offer in Antwerp is not great these days. But even if there were many Mexican restaurants to choose from, my go-to place would probably stay the same as it is: Tropicos. This Mexican restaurant has excellent, comforting Mexican food. Everything tastes terrific, and the atmosphere is lovely. Go to Tropicos for great food at a reasonable price and outstanding (sometimes strong) cocktails. 

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Best Chinese restaurant: Ni Shifu

Like with Bioanconero, I hope this restaurant can stay under the radar. It is the best Chinese restaurant in Antwerp (and maybe in the whole of Belgium)! Chef Ni prepares native Sichuan dishes (spicy South Chinese kitchen). I recommend going to Ni Shifu with at least four people or more. This way, you’ll be able to share dishes and get the most out of the experience. The endless menu is impressive, but the restaurant’s interior is not. Actually, there is no interior decor to speak of. Ni Shifu is all about the food. As I write this post, you can generally walk in without a reservation. But it is becoming more difficult as some media have recently picked it up. Tip: order at least one bowl of fresh noodles with ground beef and peanuts!

Breydelstraat 8

Best Thai restaurant: Mai Thai

You would not expect to have the best Thai right in the touristy city center on the Suikerui (that hosts some questionable tourist trap restaurants). Still, Mai Thai is no tourist trap at all. Mai Thai has been around for more than 10 years. It offers all classic Thai dishes and has regular specials. I don’t think I have ever ordered a bad meal here. My favorite is Moo Pad Krapow, “medium spiced, please.” This restaurant also has a lovely outside patio. 

Suikerrui 26

Best Spanish restaurant: La Boqueria

This small Spanish restaurant, named after the market in Barcelona, requires a reservation as seating is minimal. But you are in for a treat if you can get a table. Expect classical tapas and some original main dishes like the Zarzuela, an amazing typical fish stew. The wine offer is quite extensive and worldly. 

Scheldeken 7

Best Greek restaurant: Varelli 

Varelli’s has been part of the Antwerp restaurant scene for decades. And it is here to stay! It’s a proper Greek restaurant that offers a large variety of mezze. Chef Thanassis is a true master of Greek cuisine. He serves amazing dishes that are best shared with lots of friends (so you can try everything on the menu). In summer, it’s possible to dine outside. 

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