Top coffee places in Antwerp

The port of Antwerp stocks on average more than 250,000 tons of raw coffee. Or about 27 billion cups. That makes it the largest coffee storage facility in the world. Most of the beans are exported again after they pass through Antwerp, but there is also a great coffee culture in our country.

Here are some coffee places well-worth visiting:

#1 Butchers Coffee

  • Coffee & lemonades
  • Also: small selection of awesome breakfasts
  • Open at 7AM on weekdays!

Credit: @butcherscoffee

#2 Barchel

  • Coffees & large selection of loose leaf tea
  • Multiple heavenly breakfast and lunch options

Credit: @barchelantwerp

#3 Cordoba

#4 Caffe Mundi

  • Coffee (choose your blend!) & loose tea
  • Mouthwatering cakes
  • Limited number of breakfast options

#5 Kolonel & Reede

  • Coffee & bottled juices
  • Breakfast (big portions) and lunch (adventurous dishes)

Credit: @kolonelreede

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