Sales in Antwerp

Fixed sales period

In Belgium, there are fixed periods when stores put items on sale. Generally speaking, the summer sales last from 1 to 31 July and the winter sales run from 3 to 31 January. By the end of summer and winter, stores will want to dispose of their stock to make room for the new collection, which translates into generous discounts. For many people who love fashion and shopping, the sales period is a biannual highlight. Buying clothing and shoes in the sales period will save you a lot of money. Something to consider when looking to shop in Antwerp.

Shopping in Antwerp during sales

If you’re planning on shopping in Antwerp, you might want to come during one of the two big sales periods. However, sales are immensely popular in Antwerp. This entails big crowds, long fitting room lines, messy shops and long waits in the checkout queue. Especially on Meir, the most popular shopping street.

Typically, the first two weekend of sales are the busiest. This makes sense, because in the beginning of the sales period stores still have many items on sale. The later you shop, the less discounted items remain. But, purchasing clothes at the end of the sales period is highly beneficial, as discount increase as the sales period progresses. If you shop later, you do a better deal. And while you benefit from the greatest discounts, you’ll also be able to browse through the new collection that usually arrives mid-sale.

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