Barchel: Antwerp’s latest hotspot for breakfast and lunch

Barchel is situated close to ‘Stadspark’ on the first floor of an old town house. The place has a modern design and it bathes in sunlight. An authentic wooden floor gives it a nice warm character. The best asset Barchel has to offer (besides the food) is a cute inside garden that is open whenever weather allows.

In the morning, Barchel serves a traditional european breakfast with bread, spreads and jam. But I appreciate Barchel because of its non-traditional breakfast options, like banana-pancakes that remind you of your latest vacation in Thailand (7,5 euro) or a luxurious breakfast bagel with poached eggs that makes you feel like a millionaire (9 euro). I must admit, the bagel feels small, but I struggled to finish it as it quickly fills you up.Pancakes at Barchel

I still haven’t made it to Barchel’s for lunch, but I’ve heard absolutely nothing negative about it. My friends say they especially loved the flatbread with guacamole, feta, pomegrenate and poached eggs (9,5 euro) and the flatbread with pulled pork and sweet potato (12 euro).

Van Breestraat 6
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 8:00 – 17.00
Closed on Monday and Sunday

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