Donut from Hoeked

Go nuts for donuts in Antwerp donut shops

Donuts are not a part of Belgian culinary tradition. But it was only a matter of time before we would embrace them. Because what’s not to like about the delicious pastries with wholes in them.

The first donut shop in Antwerp opened in May 2017. It was such a big hit, that other shops appeared not too long afterwards. Here’s where to grab your guilty pleasure.

#1 Hoeked: not all donuts are created equal(ly round)

Hoeked was the first donut shop in Antwerp. And immediately everyone was talking about it. Because of the delicious donuts? Of course! But the shape of the donuts must of had something to do with it too. Hoeked sells square donuts. Yes, you read that right. Not round, but square. They look awesome, though.

Donut from HoekedDonuts displayed at donut shop Hoeked

The owners of Hoeked used to own a bakery. But they closed it down to fulfill their donut dream. They use their own recipe for the donuts. They also make the toppings and fillings theirselves. The donuts are always fresh. When they sell out, the store simply closes and provides a fresh batch the next day.

The donuts have a variety of toppings, from salted caramel to lemonglaze. The toppings are creamy and soft. Some donuts are made with spelt flour and certain donuts are lactose free. Ask the shopkeeper.

Price: A donut without filling will set you back 2.90 euro. Stuffed donuts are 50 cents extra.
Location: Oudaan 4, 2000 Antwerpen

#2 Donuttello: Homer Simpson would approve

Donutello is a donut shop in the historic center of Antwerp. A baker delivers the donuts to the shop where they are then finished with colorful glazing. About one third of the donuts are filled, either with for example coconut cream filling, chocolat spread, pudding or strawberry cream. The one with strawberry cream is topped with pink glazing and colorful sprinkles. It’s an exact copy of the famous Simpson Donut.

Upon entering the store, and enthousiastic shopkeeper explains all the donuts.

Price: The simple donuts cost 1.50 euro, filled donuts are 2.50 euro.
Location: Beddenstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen

Donuts on display at donut shop DonuttelloHomer Simpson Donut from Donuttello


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