Why you should definitely visit the De Koninck site

The De Koninck site not only accommodates the famous brewery De Koninck that manufactures Antwerps favourite beer. It also hosts a culinary food court, where you can taste chocolate, cheese, cold cuts and bread. On site and nearby, there are also multiple great restaurants. This means that the De Koninck site is a one-stop shop. Here, a tourist can get a great taste of Antwerp in just one stop.

De Koninck brewery, bar and shop

The De Koninck brewery has experience centre that allows visitors in for a look behind the scenes of the brewery. It’s an interactive tour designed to teach you all about the brewing process and bottling process. You also get a short (family) history. After the tour, you magically end up in the bar., where you can try De Konincks beers. Of course, you can also skip the tour and go straight to the cozy bar. They serve the beers made onsite, but also other beers of Duvel Moortgat (like Duvel, Vedett, MAREDSOUS, Achouffe). At the shop nearby, you can buy Belgian beer souvenirs.

Shops at the De Koninck Site

#1 The Butcher’s Store

Together with Belgian beer, Belgian chocolate and “french” fries, meat products fit perfectly in the list of specialties of which Belgians are proud, and rightly so. Belgian meat products are one of the world’s best and Belgium has many local butchers who cultivate local flavour. The Butcher’s Store is one of them.

The mission of The Butcher’s Store: use their love for the craft and the meat in a thoughtful, passionate and innovative way to guarantee meat lovers an exceptional taste experience. They have a very wide selection of meats and meat cuts. Belgium specializes in pork and beef. Typically Belgian choices at the butchers are: ham, salami, paté, filet d’anvers (slated, smoked beef) and filet americain.

#2 The Bakery

This bakery remains true to the rich French bread baking tradition that Belgians love so much. Sourdough bread is the specialty of the bakery, but I must admit, it seems like this bakery specializes in everything. It’s all delicious.

#3 Only Cheese

Cheese makers Van Tricht have been maturing their cheeses in the brewery since 2012. In their shop Only Cheese, you can buy these cheese or taste them on the spot as they offer small degustation cheese plates. Ask the staff any question about cheese you may have. They are extremely informed and will help you pick out cheese that you will adore.

TIP: Weather permitting, buy some cold cuts at The Butcher’s Store, some bread at The Bakery, a variety of cheese at Only cheese and have yourself a loverly picknick at the Koning Albertpark, right across the street from the De Koninck site.

#4 Jitsk Chocolates

Jitsk is a young chocolatier who traveled the world with his chocolate creations. He is very ambitious and passionate about chocolate and has a love for pure flavours. In 2009 he was the youngest chocolatier who participated in the world expo in Shangai, China.

At Jitsk Chocolates you’ll find two things: amazing pralines and tasty ice-cream. The pralines are prepared with the highest attention for quality. I love their delicate small format and the experimental flavours like mojito, lemon & bay leaf or mago & yuzu. A filled square box makes a perfect gift.

As for the ice-cream, Jitsk offers eight delicious flavours, all homemade.

Restaurants at the De Koninck Site

The restaurants listed here are all within 1 or 2 minutes walking from the brewery and I recommend them all.


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