About the author

Who are you exploring Antwerp with?

My name is Petra and I’m in my thirties. I’ve been living in Antwerp since birth.

Questions I get from tourists

A few years ago, I started leading tourists around in Antwerp. On my guided tours, I tell them all about Antwerp. Past, present and future. But whenever visitors ask me questions, it’s never be about the history of a place or the architectural style of a building. It’s always something like “Where can I eat the best Belgian fries?” or “Where can I buy cool books”? That’s why I decided to to start this blog. I want to tell you about the city highlights, but also provide you with information on where to eat, sleep and shop.

Contact me

If you have any questions, feel free to write me an email (antwerpexplorer@gmail.com). I’d be happy to help.

Have a nice stay in Antwerp. And never stop exploring.
If I could give someone random advice on anything, I guess that would be it 😉